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Giampiero Colombo, geboren in Italien, lebt heute in Zürich. Seit geraumer Zeit ist Giampiero einer der gefragtesten Musiker der Country Szene. 1978 startete er seine Kariere als professioneller Musiker und tourte mit diversen Tanzbands quer durch Europa. Mit Jeff Turners Roadshow Band verwirklichte er sich 1990 sein langjähriger Traum, in einer Countryband zu spielen.

Später traf er auf den Schweizer Country-Star John Brack, in dessen Band er bis John's Tod ein festes Mitglied geblieben war.

Seit 2006 arbeitet Giampiero als Freelancer in verschiedenen Bands. Seit Februar 2009 ist Giampiero Colombo festes Mitglied bei der Gruppe "The Silver Dollar Band", welche den Country-Star Marco Gottardi begleitet.

Giampiero Colombo, born in Italy and now living in Zuerich is one of the most respected musicians in the country scene. He started his professional career as a musician in 1978 and toured Europe with many "hot" Dance Bands. In 1990 he decided to finally realise his dream of playing in a country band and joined Jeff Turner's Roadshow Band where he stayed for a few years. He then joined the band of number one Swiss Country artist John Brack where he stayed until 2006 ,when John sadly passed away . Through the years Giampiero has also played (and still plays) with famous Swiss Country artists and bands like Daniela Muehleis, Britta T, Marco Gottardi, Rolf Raggenbass, Tony Lewis, Bonnie Jean Taylor, Susan Klee, Monika Miller, Supercountry,etc..

Since february 2009 Giampiero is a steady member of "The Silver Dollar Band", backing the swiss country star Marco Gottardi.

Giampiero Colombo also performs as a solo artist with a repertoire of Country, Blues , Oldies ,Rock and Pop songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Giampiero can be booked for all occasions: private parties, weddings, anniversaries, festivals etc. also available as a duo ,trio or band formation together with established musicians .

As a freelance musician can also be contacted by bands or artists looking for a guitar player .

Giampiero's rich, warm voice together with his skilful and powerful guitar playing will not disappoint you!

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